LED Electronic Flasher

Our LED Electronic Flasher does not replace all flasher units.  Before you order, please see the pin outs of our flasher and compare with the one you are replacing.  As s result, you can usually find your flasher pin out printed right on your flasher.  Failure to check this and installation in an incompatible vehicle can blow your fuse.  Furthermore, could destroy the flasher and void the flasher warranty.

LED Flasher

This LED Flasher has the 3 pin connections for the LOAD, PILOT and POWER.  In addition, this flasher is also quite, no annoying clicking sounds.  Furthermore, the flasher comes with an “L” bracket and a self tapping screw for mounting.


LED Electronic Flasher

You can add as many LED lights as you desire to the circuit.  For example, some like to put multiple LED lights on each corner.  For instance, I have customers that have installed 20 lights total on their recreational vehicle.  However, the LED flasher will flash at a rate from 70 to 90 flashes per minute, depends on total load.  Subsequently, this LED Flasher will handle 30 watts, so you can tie several LED lights together on the same circuit.


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